Phillips 66 Weekly Menu

Week of November 18, 2019

Special Entrée:Cajun pork loin, red bliss potatoes & sauteed broccoli
Figure Friendly:Grilled chicken parmesan, whole wheat pasta & sauteed broccoli. cal: 250, fat: 10g, carbs: 24.5g, protein 34g
Special Sandwich:Chef's Choice
Soup:Butternut squash
Chicken Noodle
cal: sm 205, lg 265
cal: sm 240, lg 340
Special Entrée:Taco Station
Special Sandwich:Chef's Choice
Soup:Loaded potato
Split pea w/ham
cal: sm 185, lg 290
cal: sm 227.5, lg 402
Special Entrée:Pasta Station
Special Sandwich:Chef's Choice
Sweet potato bisque
cal: sm 191, lg 301
cal: sm 208, lg 278
Special Entrée:Ropa Vieja, steamed rice, sweet plantains & black beans
Figure Friendly:Tilapia, brown rice & veggiescal: 202, fat: 5g, carbs: 17g, protein: 24g
Special Sandwich:Chef's Choice
Soup:Curry chicken
cal: sm 110, lg 176
cal: sm 200, lg 320
Special Entrée:Fish & chips
Figure Friendly:Eggplant rollatinical: 242, fat: 6g, carbs: 27g, Protein: 14g
Special Sandwich: Chef's Choice
Soup:Shrimp bisque
Broccoli cheddar
cal: sm 310, lg 480
cal: sm 200, lg 320
Special Entrée $6.50 + tax, Figure Friendly Entrée $7.50 + tax, and Special Sandwich $6.25 + tax
Daily Offering from Salad & Hot Bar portion is weighed
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