Phillips 66 Weekly Menu

Week of May 23rd, 2022

Special Entrée:Chicken Bruschetta with Pasta Fresca & Fresh Vegetables
Grill Special:Veggie Burger with pepper jack and avocado mayo
Deli Special:Chicken Parmesan Wrap
Soup:Minestrone Soup(Calories Sm: 285 Lg: 335)
Special Entrée:Taco Tuesday Pork & Chicken Tacos with Rice and Black Beans
Grill Special:Chicago Hotdog with tomato, cucumber, onion, relish
Deli Special:Waldorf Chicken Salad Panini, apple, grapes & walnuts
Soup:Tomato Bisque Soup(Calories Sm: 225 Lg: 290)
Special Entrée:Pasta Station with variety of sauces, vegetables & proteins
Grill Special:Pork tenderloin Sandwich with red onion, pickles, spicy mayo & honey mustard
Deli Special:Deli Stacker olive spread, grilled chicken, mozzarella, artichoke, balsamic glaze
Soup:Chicken Tortilla Soup(Calories Sm: 225 Lg: 290)
Special Entrée:Buffalo Chicken or Steak Salad with asst. toppings
Grill Special:Boardwalk Sausage & Peppers on Hero
Deli Special:Spicy Tuna Melt with pepper jack cheese & cherry peppers
Soup:Turkey Bowtie(Calories Sm: 325 Lg: 400)
Special Entrée:Grilled Salmon with Dill Sauce Rice Pilaf and Seasonal Vegetables
Grill Special:Spicy Cod Wrap with Lettuce Tomato & Tartar Sauce
Deli Special:Egg Salad BLT on Wrap
Soup:Seafood Bisque(Calories Sm: 355 Lg: 425)
Stop By the Entrée Station for Personal Pizzas Every Friday!
Special Entrée $7.95 + tax, and Special Sandwich $6.25 + tax
Daily Offering from Salad & Hot Bar portion is weighed
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